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Al-Assad shows a Syria who lives a "happy and magical" moment.

The strategy of the Syrian Government to present an attractive image of the country. A clear message and intentional when it displays daily in all official government sites, where the first reports, always beautiful and colorful pictures that refer to the child's world. A surreal reality.

Snapshot of the website "sana" in arabic version today.
By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, September 2, 2011 - 08:18 - Updated: 12:23.

The advertisement describes Syria as living a "climate of affection." A paradise very conducive for families especially for children.

This propaganda distributed strategically on the pages visited by the international press and representatives of various governments do not represent the same reality of the Syrian street:

Snapshot of the page in english version

Coincidentally I have just been added to Facebook by a member of the UN in his facebook page that only portrayed in photos, videos and testimony of child victims Syrian regime and its forces of genocide.

Wake up world, they are not sleeping ... courtesy:
Committee on the Rights of the Child United Nations.
with high-caliber shots in the eyes, cheeks blown out, severed limbs, heads, marks caused by torture to extract information specialists in times of war, and among so many horrible things, yet many, many and many dead children.

Have you read here what they do with children newly born premature? After cutting the power of besieged cities, they break the power generators at hospitals and only the first time that this cruel act was committed, 40 pre-mature babies died within 24 hours only in Hama. Two months ago this horrible routine has been going on ...

The advertisement says in between the lines: Here is paradise!
The page is in the Spanish version to date.
Note that this page above, the matter speaks of parks and gardens of Damascus as a happy, beautiful, fun "turned into places of reflection and joy for children."

You know how many innocent civilians have 
buried under those toys?

Atualization: 21:04 MASS GRAVE in HAMA

If you dare you can click this link and then clicking on the images to go to change one by one. A reality quite different from the image presented by the government Al-Assad. This article is being written for you to draw a parallel between what Al-Assad says and does when not in front of the camera lens.

This strategy is taught in the "Primer of Oppression and Tyranny" written by strategist and intellectual Bashar Al-Assad to direct the Secret Service and the Syrian security forces about their contact with the protesters and those who demand freedom and democracy in the country .

Original source in portuguese:

Assad regime is crumbling and washed in the blood of the Syrian people.

A shedding of innocent blood that would be unnecessary if only it was not pleasant for those who still holds the power in their hands. Al-Assad is aware that none of his crimes now hidden will be hidden. Now the sands of time are finished completing the shekel.

Cortesy: "Kat"

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro - August 31, 2011 - 17:48.

Sources that can not be revealed for security reasons but that are within the Syrian security companies said they begin at the bottom, companies that provide the "Shabihhas" (uniformed security without possession of a deadly weapon) would have delayed payments for Al Assad has not traded on the values ​​passed deadlines. According to the source they would be discussing the possibility of a strike. That's right: "Strike."

The same source cited a distribution coordinator in Shabihas Latakya said that many of them have already left the service after being in the region without getting in various maturities.

The source revealed that each employee, from the beginning of the repression of demonstrations, receive daily SYR Syrian Pounds approximately 2000.00 (currently $ 42) but in more intense as the day Friday, some are encouraged to get better gains can SYR to 10,000.00 Syrian Pounds ($ 210) to intensify efforts against the demonstrators.

This confirms the strategy reported in the government document that was released here.

Sources now say that companies sponsoring the Shabihas stopped sending resources since last week. What is causing protests among employees. According to the source, the amounts distributed on Fridays are decreasing dramatically reaching the same 2000.00 ordinary day.

Divisions have marked the ranks of the army and navy and government.

Today it announced the resignation of Secretary General of the Government.

There is unconfirmed evidence of deep cracks in the political environment that controls the armed forces. One of the ministers of Defense and was quoted a director of security policy, and some managers of the branches as having abandoned their posts.

But since the transfer of command of the army to the mountains of Latakya is that there are violent clashes in the army. The same source said there were conflicts between the anti-terrorist unit and army leaders in a possible bid to control the east. Remembering that this information must be confirmed and more detailed with new names and descriptions.

Today another sad video emerged showing that all military dissidents are executed in the back, it is written in the "Primer of Oppression and Tyranny" written by Al-Assad and published here yesterday:

"There is no problem in killing some units and officers of the army, since it is useful to increase the animosity of the army to the protesters." The following scenes of blood and carnage:

Speaking of mortality in the region of Hula there for 3 days did not appear brutally wounded bodies with a variety of different calibers heavy shots. The latest victim appears to have died slowly while being targeted by heavy weapons in parts of the body non-lethal.

For the first time it was reported that a number of soldiers who had blocked a major avenue with a human wall to prevent the progression of the demonstration, started a contest to see who was shouting louder their songs. If they or the Angel of protesters who have ventured to challenge the heavily armed group:

Leaked secret document reveals strategy to prevent Syrian revolt.

A 3-page document top secret was lost and fell into the hands of a group of human rights activists in Syria. These documents written by the Syrian government and intelligence to guide the military commands in their eleven levels, what is the procedure to be followed according to the first signs of revolt that surprised the Arab world.
Top Secret - Cortesy: "Michelangelo Carrieri"

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 30, 2011 - 09:02.

NOTE: I know that Google Panda will attack me again, but it turns out that these documents are of global concern and the use and distribution of all or part are authorized by the writers of the site.

According to the activists who had these documents in hand, they were written by the Director General of the Arab Republic of Syria and the Intelligence Services.

The translated document starts like this:

"Directorate General of Intelligence / Top Secret
Implementation plan:
There is a growing feeling among a specific group in order to imitate what happened in Tunisia and Egypt, making use of current economic conditions of the state and the international environment, which is currently popular support movment. This feeling may increase after what happened in the city of Dar'aa few days ago. "
Soon after the paper highlights the importance of studying the weaknesses of the regimes that were toppled by popular demand recently, adding that the Republican Guard was disjointed and there was the permission that the media would cover the facts, making revolutions out of control these schemes.

The next step would be the plan of action to disrupt and confuse the information:

"Connecting the protests with personalities that are hated among the public of Syria, as well-known personalities from Saudi Arabia and Lebanon [probably alluding to March 14] and connect them all with Zionism and the U.S.."
In addition to accusing the protesters of being under the influence of Israel, the document clearly opens the question of the murder of protesters:

"In the case of murder, the safety cell must repeatedly accused armed gangs or radical, and said that the security apparatus and army are helping to protect the stability of the order, and people."

They begin the third step directing that religions should be cited and urged against each other:

"Indirect media campaign on TV channels and private property on sectarian strife / disorder, and instilling fear of the Muslim Brotherhood in Druze and Christians, warning them they could face reprisals for them if they did not participate in ending the protests. Counting Alawites with the coastal regions so that they can defend "their" regime and lives that will be threatened by radical Sunnis. "

The "textbook of oppression and tyranny" as I call it directs that forces some security forces must act within Facebook, denying and depriving any complaint or relevant information related to the protests. About the media is even more aggressive:

"The announcement of strict instructions from the Ministry of Education to" warn "schools and students about using the Internet and Facebook."
"Banning all media to go to places of unrest, and punish all dissemination of any news that does not serve the state - and showing no tolerance in this matter."

The phone companies have also been triggered and monitored. Artists forced to testify pro-Assad and the most impressive: The document teaches the children to gather and relatives of government officials to meet the army in public displays of love for Al-Assad and still using the type of ambulance sirens to cause fear in protesters.

"Instruct the branch" Information Security "in the administration and the center for scientific studies to cooperate with the two mobile operators to monitor cell phones and some expected and known personalities" inciteful and opposition. "
To prevent the participation of many young people in the revolution, the strategy was a decree of "Recruitment General" for the military (there are reports that in this process, at least 700 recruits were executed for refusing to be part of the system).

The document mentions the name of two security companies "Serba" and "Souda"

"... to use snipers in those businesses in a non-apparent to prevent the location of a fire - also to increase coverage: There is no problem in killing some units and officers of the army, as this is useful for increase the animosity of the army to the protesters. "

Going forward, the document becomes increasingly more daring:

"- Isolation of local security forces and army, and cutting electricity, communications and internet.
- Hold a few influential personalities from this place, and if the situation is critical - to kill them.
- Making use of some smugglers and criminals, flooding the place with them and creating a state of chaos.
- Sending trained security forces in civilian clothes to the protest site, which should try to convince the protesters to use weapons against the army and security forces. "

When it comes to the presidential statement the order is:

"Delaying the speech as much as possible, as this delay is an expression of state power and its immunity to current events."

About the order is serious diplomacy:

- Instruct the Syrian embassies abroad, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to reassure the U.S. and European countries, and remembering that the Golan front may be sensitive to instability if the radicals succeed and gain control.
- Instruct the Embassy of Syria in all states to monitor the Syrians and their behavior - the foreign ministry's acting in this matter.
- Prepare security teams and media for implementation as soon as possible and as secretly as possible.

Article original in portuguese:
This entire document was published in the Syrian site "".

Al-Assad drops slightly tighten the siege while their forces are going away.

The military oppression of the Syrian people is becoming more violent. But how this glorious people decided to face this terrible and unique threat, there is no comparison.

This moment is simply magic. It is a landmark of the beginning of the end of
Al-Assad was the beginning and the beginning of democracy in the Arab world.

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 29, 2011 - 18:01.

Updated 19.00.

The lesson that spring Syria is leaving the world, is that like Qaddafi and Mubarak the use of military force against a people that is pressing for their rights and are covered by the law in all its fullness, only serves to delay the inevitable. A tool for revenge and bringing in thousands of times the gravity of the crimes committed in the heyday of political corruption.

In short, the list of penalties to be levied become a high price. Not to mention religion, there would be a better end to all the martyrs and their former leader if this path had been avoided?

No power granted to a human-being was made to last forever. Today, man no longer dominates the Garden of Eden. Does not control the nature or animals. Today man does not control the religious, does not control the riches nor glory, fame nor beauty.

There is unlimited power under heaven, nor the supreme authority on living being in the same plane. Only God is all powerful to the faithful and the infidels. For those who love and those who ignore it.

There is no throne eternal gift that can not be usurped. There's more longevity in political or military. But there will always be a people. Their demands will always be stronger than a monarchy or autocracy. How can a people be deprived of their dignity at the expense of a family? More powerful are the needs of a people than the glamor of a clan.

More will be sounding their cries for deliverance that all decrees signed against him.

This is the second episode of the liberation of slaves in the world. Every prison will be overthrown and the forces of destruction will be reversed. The world will burn and when it's over, be calm again.

Another statue of Al-Assad is overthrown (previously held by military force)
Guess which part of the stake was placed to push it down?

Is there finally peace for all who love freedom and fight. There will be a new world where no one will be slave political, commercial or religious. Concentrated all power will be shared with no one able to bring it together again.

Only by uniting the people, you can combine the power.

Original source in portuguese:

Syria: Violent raids and blockade in southern Damascus, Rastan, Homs and Idleb.

Security forces arrived in the region of Homs / Rastan shooting in all directions for two hours. This caused a mass exodus of the region on alert for a possible military blockade of the city, which has ended up confirming earlier. Local witnesses heard the sound of two loud explosions in the neighborhood of Bayada Steen in the street near the cemetery This Alnasr. 

Attack of the security forces in the Mosque in Damascus. Recorded video of the roof reveals the violent crackdown on protesters and faithful in the temple, which in turn was completely destroyed:

By Saulo Valley - Rio de Janeiro, August 29, 2011 - 07:15.

Also in Al-Rastan the arrival of a number of buses transporting tanks and guards brought more despair
the region. Sources said the tanks were diverted to the central souk where they are shooting at everything that moves and also the houses indiscriminately.

The security forces are making inroads in the home breaking doors and making arrests, looting and burglary also in trade. The mosques are already surrounded by security forces.

There are reports of rebellion and confrontation on the side of a violent shootout with army in consequence, but this last clear confirmation.

There are now installed snipers on the roofs of the Gymnasium, the main hospital and the national hospital. Also suspended in tanks of water.

But sources say the army is not progressing inland city. The entries are locked Rastan.

There is a local source of information that the wife of Professor Nader, public school Rastan was shot in the abdomen and was rushed to the hospital. Judging by the information of Sniper on the roof can you believe that soon will start killing all those who take their family to get medical help.


In the south of Damascus and the operation began at 06 am on Monday. About 10 vehicles carrying security guards took over the region. They reached shooting randomly with the help of tanks. Then the random attacks began the curfew followed by searches in the homes of activists. Quoting the website of English speakers to help the revolution of Syria said that the death of Uthman Husam Almutairi from his home during a raid by security forces. Although the source confirmed a number of injuries on site. According to the page, the security forces use a list containing names of political activists and human rights. Almutairi is the first victim of the security forces in the region of the continent. In Qudsaya at least 10 confirmed arrests. Inputs and outputs are prohibited. There are lots of checkpoints in Damascus as well as in Rastan.

Another fairly new event in Damascus is the number of defections from the ranks of the army:


Se a Tunísia serviu como referência para as revoluções populares que se seguiram, a Líbia tornou-se uma nova referência para os rebeldes no mundo árabe. Para o povo sírio, portar armas não será a solução. Mas eles vão se expondo timidamente para pedir o no-fly-zone. O povo está perdendo as forças enquanto a máquina síria de matar não pára de clamar por mais mortos. É o que está escrito neste vídeo, as pessoas estão pedindo ajuda militar internacional aos moldes da Líbia.

Yesterday protesters chanted in their protests by Dara: "Syria: We are with you until death."


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